Raster Work

A new series utilizing my familiar forms and techniques, alongside some exciting additions. Stamps are enlarged raster now. Female figure gains a new role. She is one with her surroundings and is subject to the same dispassionate overlay of the neon detail. The series is still very much in development, which is, as always, both frightening and exciting.

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Croquis drawing, or gesture drawing, of nude models has been a staple of traditional artistic practice for centuries. Extreme time constraint strips the artist of all preconceptions allowing pure expression of the intimacy between the observer and the observed to guide the hand.

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I enjoy very much the idea that these flowers speak to you in actual words. Making the shades and shapes this way, the areas where the text is dense, accumulated, repeated over and over imbue the flowers with insistence and urgency. In my mind, they are shouting.

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